School of Theatre, Film & Television



Mother of Exiles

March 17
7:30pm MST

Content Warning

Please be advised that this reading contains sound effects of gunshots, a description and sound effects of gun violence in a school setting, and a description of suicidal intent.

Mother of Exiles. March 17, 2021 at 7:30pm MST

As part of RomeroFest, the School of Theatre, Film & Television (TFTV) joins Winding Road Theater Ensemble and the Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre to present readings of each of the three plays in Elaine Romero’s U.S./Mexican Border Trilogy. On March 17, TFTV students will present a reading of Mother of Exiles, the second play in the trilogy. The production will be directed by TFTV Instructor Claire Mannle and presented on Zoom.

Mother of Exiles follows an undercover Latina who returns to her hometown on the Arizona/Mexico border to teach the next generation about what it is to be free – only to find herself and her students held hostage by the politics of fear.

RomeroFest, a month-long international festival celebrating the diverse and impactful works of playwright and TFTV Associate Professor Elaine Romero, will premiere as a series of digital performances by theatre companies across the U.S. and in Mexico in March. The festival is a collaboration between Arizona Theatre Company, the Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre, and Winding Road Theater Ensemble. Further details of RomeroFest are available at


Magda Castillo Andrews Marina Nelson
Erica Sanchez Tatiana Hernandez
Adriana Luna Adriana María
Javier Sandoval Carlos Omar Venegas
Isaac Namaganda Babacar Ba
Brett Gaines Kalet Ponce de Leon
Mindy Knox Erin Buckley
Lily Cheung Ariel Cheng
Manuel Castillo Bryan Falcón
Principal Wilson (Voice) Brent Gibbs
Officer (Voice) Matt Walley

Production Staff

Assistant Director/Stage Directions Aleesia Hernandez
Playwright Elaine Romero
Director Claire Mannle
Production Manager Cy Barlow
Production Assistant Hayleigh Pahnke
Marketing Coordinator Jordan Lorsung
Mother of Exiles Poster